Sunday, 3 February 2013

Weekend again already!

It doesn't seem a week ago since my last blog, the week seems to go so quickly.

I finished the stitching for the round robin yesterday and it is now all parcelled up ready to be posted tomorrow. I am quite excited at receiving my first one to stitch for someone else.

I have spent most evenings sorting out my threads as part of the workroom reorganisation. I have been winding bobbins and organising by number - not very exciting, and it seems to take forever.
I am sure I will realise the merits of doing it when I am searching for a thread I need to finish off a design. I would rather be stitching with the time taken to organise!!

I am still waiting for the LHN Sheep Virtue to arrive, I have all the threads ready to go as soon as it does. I now plan to finish off "Joy" before I start to stitch anything else and then I have 2 finishes to complete.

I am off to the Creative Craft show in Manchester next Saturday so my next blog may have pictures of my purchases as my stash will need a top up I am sure!

I am also off to the pictures on Wednesday with a friend to see Les Miserables. I have seen it at the theatre and the reviews of the film are all good so looking forward to that.

Enjoy your week whatever you are doing

Melanie x

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