Sunday, 27 January 2013

Back home to the cold!

Well I couldn't stay in the Spanish sunshine forever and have arrived home to the cold weather with a vengeance.
This was the snowfall we had on Friday evening into Saturday morning.

Whilst I was on holiday I managed to get some stitching done on the Round Robin I have joined. There are 6 of us, so have decided to use one large piece of fabric. I divided it up into 5 inch squares and have started to stitch my square.

I can't show you any pictures of the stitching yet as I don't want to spoil the surprise of the designs just yet.

I have also signed up on the Autoship programme with Patchwork Rabbit for the LHN Little Sheep Virtues, really looking forward to receiving the first one.

I have spent the last 2 days reorganising my workroom. I have the small box room and need to keep on top of the space. I have far too much stash and am sure it will last me a lifetime, but I am off to the stitching show in Manchester in 2 weeks time so will need to make space! I never seem to get rid of anything just move it around to somewhere different.

Hope you are all keeping warm and enjoying your stitching.

Melanie x


  1. Your snow pic is beautiful. We too have had alot of snow. Hope you have fun stitching your round robin :) x

  2. Hi Melanie--Just wanted to drop in and thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! I'm happy to have found yours, too... It must be so hard to return to all that snow, but, cheer up--spring is just 49 days away :)

    Looking forward to seeing your work on your RR when you're able to show it... Stay warm!

  3. Thank you Carol and Cheryl for your comments, it is nice to know that someone is reading my blog.
    Lets hope the snow stays away and we can then all look forward to spring :) x