Sunday, 17 February 2013

Productive week

Hi everyone, I hope you are all warm and well.

We had a return of the white stuff again on Wednesday and it snowed all day, but then the rain came along and washed it all away. Now we have lovely sunshine which makes it feel like spring is on its way. The tulips are coming up through the soil, I hope they flower well this year.

I started a little Lizzie Kate stitch last Sunday, Happy Hoppy Easter. This is going to be a surprise gift and it will be made up into a cushion with little pockets on the back to hold small stitching accessories. I will explain more once the gift has been posted out and received!

I had planned to make up Joy another LHN on Wednesday but didn't get round to it so my finishing pile is growing.

This weekend I have made a start on the Round Robin, the designs are so cute and a little different to what I would normally choose to stitch. It will be interesting to see how each of us finishes of the final piece.

I had signed up on the Autoship with Patchwork Rabbit for the LHN Little Sheep Virtues and the first one Hope arrived on Thursday. I just had to start stitching it today and I am using the recommended fabric which is 30 count, probably will save this for the daylight hours!

I spend as much time as I can catching up with lots of your blogs and continually being inspired by all the talented stitchers out there. I have a desire to improve the quality of my work and try new fabrics and new techniques.
In the week I joined the RAK group who always inspire me their talent who then share with others in acts of kindness. I hope I can bring a smile to someone's face by sharing my stitching stash and makes. I am planning to send something off in the near future.

I am always pleased to receive your comments and welcome new followers to my blog, it is nice to know that there are people out there interested in my ramblings.

I hope your week is pleasant, you get to spend some time stitching and you stay safe and warm.

Melanie x


  1. Both of your finishes are so pretty, Melanie--I stitched Joy at Christmas time and really enjoyed it, too.

    Your weather sounds much warmer than ours if your tulips are already pushing up!! It won't be that way for at least a couple of months here--unfortunately!!

  2. Hi Melanie! Thank you for visiting my blog :) Your finishes are lovely - the 'Joy' piece is so beautiful!